Sunday, July 29, 2012


WORKING ON: New job! I got promoted to Senior Development Associate recently and am settling into being a team lead and hiring a new Dev Associate. It's been really fun and I am excited for the coming year and helping to make our awesome team, even more awesome.

THINKING ABOUT: This blog and what I want it to become. I think I'm going to move away from strictly fashion, but I'm still formulating the full plan in my head. I am hopeful brunch with my favorite fellow Austin bloggers next weekend will help me to sort some things out.

ANTICIPATING: Birthdays! Starting next Tuesday we have 6 family birthdays in 7 weeks. Its going to be busy and full of celebration and I'm excited. We're also going to do a big beer party at our house in honor of all the birthday folks, we have 3 new brews ready to go and it should be delicious.

LISTENING TO: Loose Change EP from Ed Sheeran. I love a good English singer song writer and this little EP, released long before he showed up on American radio is awesome. I highly recommend Little Bird and One Night. You've likely heard this somewhere, and its also quite good, now he just needs to come to Austin, and not just a SXSW show.

EATING: Tomatoes! I have been having a mad love affair with tomatoes this summer and there are 3 ready to be picked on our plant out back (and about 15 still waiting to get ripe). I thinking tomatoes, avocados, and crackers for dinner tonight.

THANKFUL FOR: So many things, I can't pick just one, so I'll list a few at the top of the list.
  • Peter's new car, I am so glad we saved and we're able to make a great down payment and that he now has an awesome new car and a low monthly car payment. 
  • Petunia Jean. I would be so lonely on the weekends without this little pup. We went to the vet yesterday and she weighed in at 7lbs, which seems just perfect, as she gets older, she gets less crazy and more awesome, I am so thankful we found each other. 
  • My Granny. Seriously, she is the coolest lady I know, while I don't get to see her near enough, our phone chats always make me smile. Nothing like having a sassy Granny to give it to you straight and remind you of the important things in life. 
  • The Olympics! Not much more needs to be said, they are awesome, its the only time you'll catch me with the TV on all day long.

PLANNING FOR: San Francisco. Peter and I will be taking a week and a half in October and running away to San Francisco for our Honeymoon/One Year Anniversary. We're renting this house in Noe Valley and can't wait for daily adventures, a short trip to Napa, biking (maybe) across the Golden Gate, and in general living it up. If you have any San Fran favorites, we'd love to hear about them.

*Thanks to Jen Loves Kev for inspiring this post!