Monday, April 30, 2012

Totes Profresh

It's Monday, and that means simple with a pop. A black dress, black wedges, and lovely new statement necklace made for the perfect easy Monday combo. Plus we were holding interviews in my office today, so looking professional and well put together was important. 

I found this lovely necklace over the weekend, and it just makes me so darn happy. I normally have a strict no Forever 21 policy, but I am willing to bend it for jewelry only.  I've been looking for a blue/green statement necklace for a while, but since I am not one to wear jewelry a lot, I didn't want to spend much. Enter a random trip to the mall and finding the perfect solution.

Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Belt: Lulu's 
Shoes: Target

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My life in Instagram

It has been a crazy past week for me, outfit photos just weren't in the cards, so please enjoy a few snap shots of my week via my favorite social media addiction, Instagram.

My outfit on Friday April 20, it felt like the perfect day for polkadots and leopard.  
Friday night treat to myself! I have recently embraced my love of mimosas, at all times. I highly recommend barefoot bubbly and blood orange Italian soda. Together they are amazing! 
Perfect Saturday morning on the patio. Maire Claire is good stuff, add a little coffee, sunshine, and puppy frolicking and its a perfect moment. 
Life World Library Books circa 1964. I wanted them all. 
The ones that made it home. Mostly inaccurate and totally awesome.
Petunia Jean and I went to Home Depot, she has a really great eye for paint brushes.
Bruce and Clark ate dinner. 
I had brunch with the lovely Julie & Sara, but I didn't get a photo of us. Instead here is the only picture I took, the W Hotel's tribute to Willie Nelson. 
Tired pup at the end of the busy weekend.
Administrative Assistant's Day is a whole week at my office, and it started off with these lovely flowers.
We started last week helping my Mother in law pick out a condo. She went with the one pictured and I am super stoked. Its a beautiful space in a great location, plus its patio is ginormous and perfect for family dinners! 
Then we went to Hopdoddy for dinner. I LOVE this place and the fact that they've put one in walking distance from our house is very dangerous. 
Sunday, the 22nd, was our 6 month wedding anniversary, but since Peter worked, we celebrated on Tuesday. We had agreed on no gifts, but that sweet husband of mine sent 2 dozen cookies to my office. OMG. Delicious. 
To celebrate we went to Uchiko for dinner. Sadly, Chef Paul Qui wasn't working that night, but it was still an AMAZING meal! 
Uchiko dessert, Sweet Corn Sorbet and The Strawberry dessert special. Both AMAZING. 
A gift from my mama, a little too big for coffee, but he is the perfect desk mate for my pens. 
Sometimes at my job we get to tour construction sites, in really amazing neon vests. 
I found these little dear highly amusing and a little offensive. 
So one of my wonderful gift officers took me to Perla's for Admin Assistant's week. Not only did I get to eat this divine lobster roll and chocolate tort, but we also ate with celebrities, well celebrity chefs that is! Top Chef Contestant Sarah Grueneberg, and Top Chef Masters Michelle Bernstein and Tony Mantuano were all eating lunch as well. Woo hoo for Austin Food and Wine Festival Weekend!
This graffiti was in the parking garage for Perla's. I found it rather uplifting. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


TGIT, is that a thing? It should be a thing if its not, because goodness lord am I glad its Thursday.  Even though its been a short work for me, its still been busy and I am so ready for Friday and my chill weekend. In honor of my TGIT state of mind, a simple outfit was the perfect plan. I'm having a little love affair with my skirts lately, and mixing my favorite little keys skirt with a simple stripped tee was perfect.

Today one of my coworkers commented that my hair looked awesome, I didn't really get it, but looking at these photos, now I do. If I do say so myself, I had a pretty great hair day!
On a totally different topic, you should get this purse. I got it for Christmas and I love it, its my every day go to bag. Obviously, the lovely Kendi knew this and she is now rocking a fabulous white version for spring, and my delightful friend Bijal also got one in teal. So really, join our cool kids club and get this bag!


Cardi: Target 
Top: Banana Republic 
Skirt & Belt: Target 
Shoes: Target 
Sunglasses: Spex Club

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Remember how I said my mama was a thrifting good luck charm? Well this skirt is proof. Based on my research its from the 1970s and I am in love!  Its got the perfect pleats, its a great length, and you can never have enough black skirts. I almost gave it to my mom, but we both felt it needed to find its home in my closet. I also found these great shoes this weekend and I can't think of anything better to wear this skirt with than these fab wedges.

Not only did we find awesome clothes on our thrift adventure, we also found the perfect tray for this project!  I've been wanting a chalkboard in our kitchen forever and was just waiting to find the right tray and obviously, it took my mama's keen eye to help me find it! We actually found 3 perfect trays, so I have a feeling I'll be making a chalkboard for work and for home!

Cardi: Target 
Skirt: Thirfted Vintage 
Belt: Ruche
Shoes: Madden Girl via TJ Maxx

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

black and yellow

Hi Internets! Its been a crazy past 10 days at the Compton house, but I'm back and so happy to see you! My mom was in town this weekend, so I took yesterday off and we had awesome girly adventures at the outlet mall, and went on an epic hunt for birthday cake oreos, alas, we found none. Since my mom was in town and this morning was the last few moments I had with her, simple was the plan for the day. Nothing says easy like a black pencil skirt and flats, add a fun pop of color blouse (which is actually a too short dress) and a cardi and I'm good to go.

Having my mama in town this weekend was a BLAST!! Not only is she smart, funny, sassy, and a thrift store good luck charm (hello Rebeca Minkoff bag!), she is also one of my most favorite people. This weekend was one of the most fun and rejuvenating weekends I've had in months. You ladies who live close to your mama's are very lucky. I'm pretty sure I'd give almost anything for Austin and Denver to be closer.

Cardi: Target
Top: H&M
Belt: Ruche
Skirt: Target
Flats: Target

Friday, April 6, 2012

Moves like Audrey

Today one of my coworkers told me I reminder her of Audrey Hepburn, I think it was one of the nicest comments I've ever gotten. I do not believe I in anyway resemble Ms. Hepburn but if I can rock an outfit with the same does of ladylike fabulousness, then that is awesome.
On a totally unrelated note, I would like to formally petition Old Navy to make this top in more colors, asap. It looks way more expensive than it is, and its fits wonderfully and it's thin fabric but not see through. It is pretty much perfect for a Texas summer but right now only comes in leopard or snow leopard. Which is great, but I'd like it in pink, black, blue, green, you get the picture.

We're gearing up for a quite Easter here at the Compton house. I'm going to do a little more gardening, hanging out with the dog, and catching up on my comic book reading which I've been ignoring to that extent that I've got about 4 months of issues backed up. I hope you have a wonderful and restful holiday weekend!

Cardi: Target
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Target
Flats: Target

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Found it!

Late last year I feel in love with this photo on pinterest. I spent the next few months trying to find a similar skirt and I finally did. I love stripes and am so excited to play around with them on a totally new piece of clothing. Plus the skirt has a lovely poof and pockets, so really, its a major win! This mustard top was my number one want item in the Jason Wu for Target collection. I've been waiting to wear it and thought with this skirt it was just lovely. I love the vintage feel of this top and I know its going to be awesome this summer.

It's been a crazy long week at work and I am so excited tomorrow is Friday. I am having a lovely lunch with some of my favorite ladies and then tomorrow night I am finally going to watch this weeks Mad Men! Needless to say, I am pretty excited for Friday. For now, I'm off to eat a delicious dinner of pasta and homemade sauce with spicy sausage and homegrown basil and drink yummy blood orange mimosas!

Top: Jason Wu for Target
Skirt: Francisca's collections
Flats: Target

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You know whats fun? Accidentally dressing like your dog. I did that today, but didn't really notice it until I was editing photos. I am however, totally okay with it, I mean who better to dress like than an adorable little lady? I found this shirt on super clearance at Old Navy over the weekend, I don't remember seeing it when it was full price, but I'm glad I found it, its a fun pattern and a different color for me, so I'm excited to branch out a bit with it next time.

You may have noticed the new photo location. This would be just a small section of this seasons patio garden. What you see here are some of the flowers I planted, our basil plants, jalapenos, and our big 3 year old rosemary. I'm really excited to see how things do this year with a full patio and direct sun, I'm hoping for many delicious home grown veggies in a few months.

My fashion inspiration, Petunia Jean.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Flats: Steve Madden (best bridesmaids shoes ever, thanks Lauren Ann!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Baby

There are a few things in this life that I can just never pass up, a cup of coffee is one of them, burnt orange dresses are another.When I saw this lovely little dress, I knew it needed to be mine, it has work functions and football games written all over it. If you live in Austin and you bleed orange, I suggest you get yourself to Target ASAP, something tells me this dress will be gone in a flash, and that something is the multiple ladies at my office who are heading there to pick up their own right now.

I had a lovely and productive weekend. A clean house, fresh baked goods, and a fully planted garden. It was also Miss Petunia Jean's first birthday! She's an April fool's baby, so we had a little doggy celebration complete with peanut butter papaya ice cream. It was great, even if I can't quite believe my tiny tunes is now a year old.

Dress: Target
Belt: Ruche
Earrings: Target
Wedges: Target (last summer)