Tuesday, April 17, 2012

black and yellow

Hi Internets! Its been a crazy past 10 days at the Compton house, but I'm back and so happy to see you! My mom was in town this weekend, so I took yesterday off and we had awesome girly adventures at the outlet mall, and went on an epic hunt for birthday cake oreos, alas, we found none. Since my mom was in town and this morning was the last few moments I had with her, simple was the plan for the day. Nothing says easy like a black pencil skirt and flats, add a fun pop of color blouse (which is actually a too short dress) and a cardi and I'm good to go.

Having my mama in town this weekend was a BLAST!! Not only is she smart, funny, sassy, and a thrift store good luck charm (hello Rebeca Minkoff bag!), she is also one of my most favorite people. This weekend was one of the most fun and rejuvenating weekends I've had in months. You ladies who live close to your mama's are very lucky. I'm pretty sure I'd give almost anything for Austin and Denver to be closer.

Cardi: Target
Top: H&M
Belt: Ruche
Skirt: Target
Flats: Target

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