Monday, July 18, 2011

Elephants on Parade

Today I wore a belt made of little gold elephants, but since we're new at this you can't really tell from the photos, but if you look really close you can see the cute little elephants walking across my waist. I love them.
This is what I wear inside, because its summer in Texas and that means all office buildings are around 65 degrees and while a sweater outside feels like torture, a sweater inside is a requirement.

This is what I wear outside, because its 100 degrees. Also fun in the sun are my disco ball like sequined shoes, its like having a party wherever I go.

Dress: Target
Sweater: Francesca's Collection
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target

P.S. this blog could also be called, Wow, Alta really likes Target.


  1. please take a close up of the belt...i want to watch the elephants march one by one....does the little one forget his gum??

  2. I have this dress!!! LOVE it!