Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl with the big bun on her head

Today I wanted to take things up a notch and for me that means wedges and doing something different to my hair. It turned out well because I would mark today as a good day. To top off my good day, my new sunglasses came in the mail! Not a big thing to most people, but when you've got prescription sunnies, you only get new ones once a year or so, so it was a big day and I'm really happy with them, so yay all around!

I've done buns like this in the past, but it had been a long time and I forgot how much I liked it. I learned how to do it from this awesome tutorial from the adorable Sydney, if you've got long enough hair, you should give it a try, it's super simple but looks very impressive.

I only used this bag when we went to dinner with Pete's dad, I think it might be a bit matchy matchy with the shoes, belt, and bag all being light brown, but for a quick trip to Torchy's Tacos I think it was just fine.

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Vintage via Hunt.Gather.Style
Shoes: Target
Belt: Anne Kline via Hunt.Gather.Style
Bag: Old Navy
Earrings: Amazon ($20 on deal of the day sale)
Sunglasses: Spex Club

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