Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I'm working with

I'm so excited and I'll be honest, a bit nervous, that you're here.
I've been thinking about starting a style blog for months. I love clothes, I love shopping, and I love putting it all together, adding up the pieces in my closet like a puzzle. So it seemed like this would be a perfect fit, but I'm nervous because I'm not the type of person who draws attention to their clothes. I wear what I like and really only discuss shopping, style, etc with a few friends and coworkers who share a similar interest. I guess in a way that is what I'm doing here, I'm just opening it up to more people!

I figure the best way to start is to show you what I'm working with, so I've taken a few photos of my closet, which I share with my wonderful and very understanding fiance, Peter, and by share I mean he gets about 1/4 of the hanger space and his own cube unit under the left side.

The full closet, its long and narrow. The left side is all mine, its full of dresses, shirts, both work and casual, summer tops, some t-shirts, and work pants that haven't seen the light of day in over a year. I also have the back half of the right side, which is rarely worn dresses and many many cardigans, I am a librarian at heart after all. The top left is all purses and some shoes. Under the cloths on the left side is a six cube unit with skirts, leggings, pajamas, work out clothes, and hoodies, which don't get much use now that I live in Texas.

In the back part of my closet is where I keep my shoes. I have an admitted shoe problem, with well over 100 pairs. Yes those are rubber made storage tubs, or buckets as Peter's calls them, of shoes on either side of the built in. For a while I bought shoes because even if the clothes didn't fit the shoes always did. The other problem is I have tiny feet, anywhere from a 4 (in kids) to a 7, so when there is a really good sale, its very likely that I can find at least a pair or two in my size. Peter says before our next move I need to do a serious shoe purge and I think he's right, so we'll see how that goes.

A shot of my side of the closet from the back. I guess this shows that I won't be trying to do arty photos on this blog, as admittedly I'm not very good at it, besides Peter's excited to be my official blog photographer, so we'll let him try the arty stuff.

To end, I leave you with a photo of precious Petunia Jean, she's the only other lady around these parts and is my style assistant. She has a keen eye for shoes and knows just which bag goes with which outfit. She'll be popping in from time to time to offer her views on things and to just be adorable!

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  1. I think that PJ is your blog mascot! How can you deny that face? I look forward to see what Valliant Style has to hold!