Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your love is my drug

Today I had a work meeting in the am, so I wanted to dress up a little, but for goodness sake, it was 105, but with a heat index of 107, out today so I wasn't going to go with a suit or anything, so a dress and heels it was.

I got this dress over the weekend, woo for a 4 hour 50% off sale. I didn't have a gray dress and this is so simple but nicely cut that it was a must have. I also think it will transition really great with tights and leggings come fall.

I thought it would be fun to show you a bit of the Mister's style today. I think he is rather handsome, so I figure why not show him off.

Remember how excited I was about my sunglasses last week? Peter got new sunglasses too and despite being a little on the hipster side (okay, A LOT on the hipster side) I think they are AWESOME!! I am also loving his vintage pearl snap. The boy has some great style and honestly, I didn't really have that much to do with it!

These photos are to show you why we are in love

These were totally unplanned.

On me:
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

On Pete:
Sunglasses: Spex Club
Shirt: Vintage via New Bohemia
Shorts: Old Navy

To end, I leave you with the adorable Petunia Jean

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