Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ever have one of those mornings where you know exactly what you're going to wear and then you put it on and hate it? That was my morning, thankfully I was quick-ish on my feet and decided to give my new (to me) herringbone skirt a try. I'm not sure I loved it, but it worked in a pinch and I'm fairly certain everything goes with a good chambray shirt.

I wish I had something else interesting to say, but I don't have much. Today was about making phone calls and tomorrow will be about making folders. Ahhh fund-raising, the fun never ends!
Now I'm going to curl on up on the couch and continue reading Catching Fire.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Thrifted via Savers
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. you finally got your chambray shirt! i like it but think this was not the greatest pairing. of course, as i sit here in my gray wash jeans and a red sweater i am not much better. plus, rather then cute shoes i got Danskos on. thank god someone in the family can dress!

  2. I loved Catching Fire! ...And really I loved the whole series. Happy reading!