Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Craves

In Austin we have cedar trees, and I, like many Austinites, am extremely allergic to them. Which means for about 6 weeks at the start of every year I hide inside my house and try to avoid breathing the "fresh" air outside. Today this avoidance of air lead me to online window shopping and I wanted to share a few of my most favorite finds.

I love leopard, and this top is fantastic, tailored, and very work appropriate but still fun, which its the perfect combo!

How adorable is this cardi? I love the dots and the collar.

The item I am most likely to break down and buy. The pleats, the buttons, the color, its all wonderful!

I am apparently in need of green bottoms, and these jeans are just great. I have them in red but I think green would be awesome.

I can't get enough stripes and this dress is darling and could certainly carry over from winter to spring.

I've been enamored of these shoes for a few months. I think they have a lovely mix of mountain girl toughness with ladylike charm.

Who doesn't enjoy a sparkle pump? I have no real need for these, but I think they would be fun and certainly spice up any average workday outfit.

Thanks for coming along on my shopping adventure! What are your recent online window shopping craves?


  1. So I totally checked out that skirt this weekend. And I bought those green jeans but they didn't fit me right. Hope they work for you!

  2. I ended up getting the purple skirt with the little keys on it, but at the moment it has a terrible smell that so far febreze and a wash haven't been able to get out (SO WEIRD), so we'll see if I keep it or take it back...hmmm
    I love my jeans in red, but the green were all sold out. I just need to get brave enough to wear them to work...maybe this Friday.

  3. i so want want red jeans. and bright blue, and purple, and ...... mustard yellow!!!