Friday, January 13, 2012

Simple and comfy

My allergies are still raging, hence the drugged face in most of these photos, so today called for simple and comfy. This ended up working out because today was crazy at the office, running all over and dealing with the crazy temperature changes, flats and an over-sized cardi were the perfect combo.

On another note, people are still impressed with the Missoni for Target collection. Before 9am I had 3 people comment on my shoes. A huge shout out to my little sister for dropping everything and making a Target run when she should have been writing a paper to score me the little girl Missoni flats. You rock Goo-der!

Cardi: Target
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Missoni for Target
Necklace: Target


  1. i like the necklace, it rather brings the whole outfit together but you don't even mention it or have a close up picture.
    and i am wishing for sweet, cool, pretty flats. maybe one day when i grown up...

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