Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu Adventures!!

This morning I woke up at 6am and was out the door and headed to Starbucks by 6:30. After meeting up with Bijal and Arianne, my two lovely friends along for this adventure, we made it to Target at 7:50.

Open, open, open

By 7:55 we were first in a line of about 12 ladies. The manager felt bad for us because it was cold (this is Austin speak for under 50 degrees) and we were let inside to begin trying on everything we could at 7:58am.

Many lovely things to try on.

The Target we went to seemed to have gotten the pastel palate of the collection, there was no mustard, and almost no navy or red. I wasn't super upset about that, but it seemed silly to not provide a wider variety. Also, the dresses were a bit disappointing, none seemed to fit right and the one I really wanted wasn't in the store.
But enough whining, they did have my number one most wanted skirt and a lot of lovely tops that weren't in the look book that I love. Plus I got the Milu shirt! Look for a photo of me holding Bruce with a red pompom on his neck while I'm in the shirt. He's going to hate it and I cannot wait!

After our shopping adventure it was time for brunch. This place was awesome!

Arianne and Bijal walking back to the car after our adventure.

Once I parted from my lovely friends I went to two more Targets, I figured it wasn't even 11am yet and I could see if my dress was at one of the them. Alas, it was not. I did find a Milu shirt for a friend and learned that it seems all of the Targets in North Austin got the same selection. If you found red or mustard in Austin, I would love to know where.

All of my selections.

I am very happy with what I found, but I am still on the hunt for a dress. The one I got is going back, I was hoping a belt would help, but it doesn't, sigh. I tend to do well with the clearance racks at Target, so I'm going to keep my eyes pealed.

After my morning of excitement, Petunia and I hung out on the couch. She's a big puppy bowl fan, so, as you can see, she was a happy pup.

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  1. Twas great fun! I am also thinking of returning that red striped dress--the stripes make it awkward to belt. My white bow t-shirt is also going back. If anyone's looking for either of those items in a small, hit up the NI-35 Super Target soon! :)