Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

I was in a bit of a mood this morning, so photos weren't really something I was excited about. But, I'm committed to this little blog, so we took them, cranky face and all. I got this dress over the weekend, I wasn't planing on it, but then my mom told me about this great sale. Well I had to look and what do you know a brown and coral dress in a leopard type print for under $20? You know I couldn't say no to that!

The jean jacket was inspired by my lovely coworker. I spent a good part of Sunday night trying to figure out how to style this dress and was feeling a bit lost. Then I came into work on Monday and my coworker is sitting there with a cute print dress and a jean jacket and a light bulb went off! Thank goodness for stylish coworkers!

Jean Jacket: Thrifted Old Navy
Dress: Target
Wedges: Target

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