Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crawfish makes everything better

I love dresses. This love leads me to have a lot of dress, so many, in fact, that I often forget I have them. Take this dress for example, I got it a few months ago and have worn it once. That is silly. I have so many great things I need to start wearing them and that starts today. Get ready to see all my favorite dresses styled for spring!

Has this week felt super long to anyone else? I can't tell if its the weather (boo rain), or just my impatience for TXSC. Either way today felt like it should be Saturday and I am so glad tomorrow is Thursday. For now, I'm off to make the night better by eating crawfish and drinking beer with the family.

Cardi: Target
Dress: Ruche
Belt: Ruche
Flats: Target

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