Friday, March 2, 2012

linen blend

There was an event at work today, I didn't go, but because there was a chance VIPs might be in the office, there were no jeans allowed. Obviously this meant it was time to pull out my bright pink linen blend skirt. Add my go to stripes and leopard flats, and bam a fun Friday dress up outfit.

I snagged this skirt thrifting last summer, but hadn't worn it until now. I tend to do that with thrifted pieces, you get home, wash them, they get put away and sometimes I forget to wear them for months, but I'm okay with that, it made wearing it today that much better since it was new! Speaking of thrifting, I am SO excited for the TxSC Thrifting Workshop next weekend! Gotta say being that its in Austin and I'll be learning tricks in my own neck of the woods makes it even better! Don't worry, I won't let my finds from that adventure languish in my closet for 6 months!

Cardi: Target
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Target
Flats: Target

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