Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the dress I got from LuLu's at the Texas Style Council Swap. I've never been inclined to make a purchase from Lulu's, but after seeing some of their pieces in person, I might be able to look past their terrible website styling and purchase some things. For now though, I will enjoy this adorable dress. I wore it to work with black flats and a black cardi, but for our evening walk with the pup, it was so lovely that no cardi was needed and Toms were far more comfortable.

Can we talk about this random phone booth for a moment. Its in our neighbors yard, a block down or so from our house. Its real, like I think they might have stole it off the street real, and has a no trespassing sign inside of it. Why they have done this, we have no idea, but it seemed like an appropriate place to take photos.
I went strawberry picking this weekend, so I'm off to prep strawberries for freezing and decide which kind of pie or cobber I'm going to make!

Dress (came with belt): Lulu's
Shoes: Toms
Earrings: Target

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